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8 thoughts on “ I like Mike

  1. Aug 05,  · The president also got a final dig in at James, saying "I like Mike," a reference to all-time great Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan. The tweet came in response to an interview James conducted with CNN host Don Lemon, a frequent punching bag for the president.
  2. “I like Mike.” It’s a good campaign slogan, redolent of the Eisenhower era when Republicans and Democrats weren’t at each other’s throats over absolutely everything.A time when the.
  3. The Show Part comedy and part ‘Reality’ TV, “I Like Mike” takes us into the Oval Office where ‘politics as usual’ is turned upside down and the issues that matter most to us take center stage. Mike Gravel, our new President, is cleaning up Washington and putting military, financial execs and lobbyists in their place.
  4. The best I Like Mike Buttons, pins, and badges on the Internet. We have thousands of promotional, cool and I Like Mike Buttons for every occasion. Buy your own button or pin today online or design your own.
  5. Like Mike If I could Be Like Mike Like Mike Oh, if I could Be Like Mike Be Like Mike, Be Like Mike Again I try Just need to fly For just one day if I could Be that way I dream I move I dream I groove Like Mike If I could Be Like Mike I wanna be, I wanna be Like Mike Oh, if I could Be Like Mike.
  6. Pitzel came up with an idea to use the song "I Wanna Be Like You" from the film The Jungle Book, though Disney asked for more money in licensing to use it than Gatorade was willing to pay. Pitzel wrote the lyrics to "Be Like Mike" inspired by The Jungle Book song, and .
  7. I like Mike Garcia, and I think you will, too. I first met Mike when we sat next to each other in a meeting designated to support U.S. service veterans and their families. As a veteran, Mike made.
  8. Reprinted from How to be Like Mike by Pat Williams, Michael Weinreb. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the publisher. Publisher: Health Communications, SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL Reviews:

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