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9 thoughts on “ What You Want - Options (5) - What You Want (Cassette)

  1. If you can't hear anything, then there is another problem. Make sure that the "EZCap" USB Cassette Capture device is connected to the Audio jack (usually on the back of your PC). In you settings, search for Audio then select Manage Audio Devices and you should see this in the Recording tab: Stereo Mix should be your default recording device.
  2. Aug 06,  · I don’t recall deriving any pleasure from always having to roll chewed-up tape back into the cassette, but it’s important if you want an analog-world experience with your music.
  3. Cassette: A cassette is a storage medium consisting of magnetic tape spooled within a cartridge enclosure. Cassettes can store different types of media, including audio and video. The standalone term “cassette” is most often a casual word for audio cassette, whereas the video format is typically referred to as “VHS (Video Home System).
  4. You can also keep poking around the program to find even cooler things that it can do. After a few hours of playing with it, you might be able to do even more than I can do with it. If you want to read more about SSTV, you can read the Wikipedia article on it, which should be able to give you all the information you .
  5. 7. New High-Quality Sony CPA9C Cassette Adapter. My rating: If you want to be entertained while on a long trip, this is one of the cassette adapter options. Just plug in its jack, and it works completely the way you wanted it to be. It’s like you’re listening to an MP3 .
  6. Style of cassette: Different labels created unique looks for artists by using clear, white, and colored cassettes. Some albums are even identified as being a special addition. Cover artwork: Some releases include posters, lyric books, and other items with the music itself. How many songs are on an audio cassette? Cassettes are two-sided.
  7. Mar 19,  · There are a ton of places to buy cassettes. If you aren’t too concerned with the quality of the tape you buy, your best bet is to just buy them from yard sales. You’ll be able to pick them up incredibly cheap. And you can actually record on profes.
  8. Mix tapes were a wonderful solution: You could create your own playlist, or make one for someone else, and because space on your cassette was limited to 60 minutes (or 90, or if you were really lucky), you had to be ruthless in your selection, and only the very .
  9. Jun 23,  · Corded Cassette Adapters: most will have a 1/8-inch (mm) headphone jack that you find standard on a number of MP3 players, laptops, phones and other devices, though, if your smartphone or audio device uses the USB-C jack, you can always get a USB-C to mm adapter.

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