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8 thoughts on “ Song For Louise

  1. Men brought Louise 10 cent trinkets. The intentions were easily traced. And everybody knew at times she cried, Ah, but woman like Louise, well they get by. And everybody thought it kind of sad, When they found Louise in her room. They'd all put her down below their kind. Still some cried when she died this afternoon. Louise rode home on the.
  2. Louise rode home on the mail train Somewhere to the south, I heard them say "Too bad it ended so ugly Too bad she had to go that way" But the wind is blowin' cold tonight Goodnight, Louise, goodnight Submit Corrections. Thanks to ARN for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): Paul Siebel.
  3. Every little breeze seems to whisper "Louise." Birds in the trees seem to twitter "Louise." Each little rose tells me it knows I love you.(love you) Every little beat that I feel in my heart Seems to repeat what I felt at the start. Each little sigh tells me that I adore you, Louise. Just to see and hear you is joy I never knew.
  4. Translation of 'Louise' by Eisblume from German to English. Pretty good translation. - In the first verse, "pictures" should be "picture" (Bild is singular, Bilder would be plural).
  5. Read the lyrics to the children's song Louise The Elephant on fibawnekekocivanmorebattlure.xyzinfo The site contains over 3, nursery rhymes, cartoons and kids' songs.
  6. "Louise" is a song written by Leo Robin & Richard A. Whiting for the film Innocents of Paris, where it was performed by Maurice Chevalier. The song was Chevalier's first hit in the United States, and was among the best selling records for 10 weeks in the summer of Chevalier recorded the song again in with Henri René's Orchestra – RCA VICTORA.
  7. They all said Louise was not half bad It was written on the walls and window shades And how she'd act the little girl The deceiver, don't believe her, that's her trade Sometimes a bottle of perfume Flowers and maybe some lace Men brought Louise ten cent trinkets Their.

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