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  1. Hydrogen definition, a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that combines chemically with oxygen to form water: the lightest of the known elements. Symbol: H; atomic weight: ; atomic number: 1; density: g/l at 0°C and mm pressure. See more.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide 16 ounce bottle is designed to treat cuts and wounds. Local antiseptic to treat minor cuts and abrasions. Manufacturer Contact Information () Product details. Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches ; 1 pounds Shipping Weight: Reviews:
  3. Hydrogen is a chemical element. It has the symbol H and atomic number 1. It has a standard atomic weight of , meaning it is the lightest element in the periodic table.. Hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the Universe, making up 75% of all normal (baryonic) matter (by mass).Most stars are mostly hydrogen. Outside of stars, hydrogen's most common isotope has one proton with one Appearance: colorless gas.
  4. May 13,  · Advocates for hydrogen steel have made a new breakthrough in their long-term plan to wean the steel industry off of fossil fuel furnaces. Following the first public demonstration of a hydrogen.
  5. Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table and the most basic and common of all elements in the Universe. Scientists use the letter "H" to represent hydrogen in chemical equations and descriptions. Over ninety percent of all the atoms in the Universe are hydrogen atoms. By mass, hydrogen makes up about 75% of all matter in the Universe.
  6. Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel burned with oxygen. It can be used in fuel cells or internal combustion fibawnekekocivanmorebattlure.xyzinfo has begun to be used in commercial fuel cell vehicles, such as passenger cars, and has been used in fuel cell buses for many years. It is also used as a fuel for spacecraft propulsion.. As of , the majority of hydrogen (∼95%) is produced from fossil fuels by steam.
  7. Jun 28,  · Hydrogen has already been used successfully in large vehicles. Transport for London’s RV1 bus route shadowing the Thames used hydrogen .
  8. Jun 25,  · Hydrogen also burns very hot, making it useful for high-polluting heavy industries such as cement- and steel-making. These sectors have long relied on coal, and established renewables such as .
  9. Hydrogen, a colorless, odorless, tasteless, flammable gaseous substance that is the simplest member of the family of chemical elements. The earliest known chemical property of hydrogen is that it burns with oxygen to form water; indeed, the name hydrogen is derived .

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