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5 thoughts on “ Feels Like Heaven (Lost In The Clouds Remix) - Various - Future Mix CD 0.06 (CD)

  1. Heaven is closer now today The sound is in my ears I can't believe the things you say They echo what I fear Twisting the bones until they snap I scream but no one knows You say I'm familiar, cold to touch And then you turn and go Feels like heaven Feels like heaven See how we planned for saddened eyes And tears to pave the way I fought the fever as I knew My hair returned to gray Study your.
  2. Ooh, I'm on my way, I'm on my way, the season is white Ooh, you're given endless radiance Ooh, it feels like heaven, it feels like heaven In the parting of the clouds Ooh, it feels like heaven, it feels like heaven I can see an angel The town appears silver All wrapped up in fog The news is overflowing With nothing but reports on man's weakness My feelings are never satisfied Ignoring whoever.
  3. Is it heaven, or is my head up in the clouds Is there hell for me, because I feel like we made it out I put my halo on but then, it done came off again You don't need eyes to see, that this could be our only heaven [Hook: Nikkiya] So, if you see my feet up off the ground Oh, don't you let me tear this heaven down Oh, if you see my halo falling down.
  4. Sep 24,  · Heaven Lyrics: Lately I’ve been chasing daylight / Cause I don’t wanna go / I don’t wanna go without you / Think I loved you in another life / Even in the dark / Even when it’s cold you.

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